A socially useful consultancy
Our mission:
We are academics who have a large amount of experience with research production and wish to aid the large number of students and professors who need to create and produce research in English, both native and non-native, at a reasonable cost.
It is clear from our email and from our contacts and experience, that the demand for this type of service is world-wide.  Thus, we are interested in exploring and exploiting processes of "around sourcing," allowing us to develop sourcing concepts from around the world, feeding into our work in the area of research production.  
We are not an editing service.  Our goal is not to compete with existing supervisors or advisors but to put a new eye on developing work.  We will not do your work for you.  We aim to teach you how to to break the research process down to its fundamentals.  We hope to teach you how to manage complexity, how to navigate and access information, how to master abstract and analytical thinking, how to get to the final production stages, especially if you need to publish in English - whether English is your native language or not.
We want to help you discover how to handle research conceptualization and the research production process in all its complexities.  We want to help prepare you for the mental rigors of conducting and producing research, developing skills that will serve you way beyond the current project.  
In general, then, we aim to help you to work out for yourself systematic “safe” ways of approaching and developing your research,.  We do not guarantee any particular “success”, but we will do our best to help you develop skills that are transferable from one domain of research to the next.
Reference for “around sourcing”:
Director and Owner: Larry Selinker
Professor of Linguistics, The University of Michigan
Professor of Applied Linguistics, The University of London
Visiting Professor of Teaching and Learning, New York University
       Multilingual/Multicultural Studies